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We understand that every person is unique, and we work closely with our clients to develop personalized treatments that address their individual needs and goals. Our team of experienced and highly trained technicians is committed to providing the highest quality of care and customer service to ensure that every client leaves feeling their best.

We strongly believe that true beauty radiates from within, and at our salon, we make it our mission to help our clients build confidence and self-esteem with every session. Our salon environment is welcoming and supportive, allowing our clients to unwind and feel pampered. Our team of caring professionals is dedicated to ensuring our clients’ well-being, providing them with the utmost care and attention.


EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) body contouring is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that uses electrical impulses to stimulate the muscles and reduce body fat. The treatment involves attaching electrodes to the targeted areas of the body, which then send electrical pulses to the muscles, causing them to contract and relax rapidly.

Luxurious lash extensions are a popular beauty treatment that involves attaching individual synthetic or natural eyelashes to your existing lashes, giving the appearance of longer, fuller, and more voluminous lashes. This treatment is designed to enhance the beauty of your eyes, creating a dramatic and alluring look.

Radiofrequency facials, also known as RF facials, are a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that uses radiofrequency energy to tighten and rejuvenate the skin. This treatment uses a handheld device that emits radiofrequency waves that penetrate the skin and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.

Our body sculpting treatments utilize the latest technology in EMS and radio frequency to help clients achieve their desired shape and contour. These non-invasive treatments are safe, effective, and provide long-lasting results.

We take great pride in delivering exceptional lash extensions with the highest quality results for our clients. Our skilled technicians use only the finest materials and employ the latest techniques to create lashes that enhance the natural beauty of the eyes, and last long.

Thank you for considering Rated R Esthetics for your body sculpting and lash extension needs. We look forward to helping you feel confident, beautiful, and empowered.


EMS stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulation, and it represents an innovative approach to body contouring. It’s noteworthy as the first energy device to receive FDA clearance for both fat burning and muscle mass development. EMS effectively contracts muscles far beyond what voluntary effort can achieve, resulting in improved muscle tone and enhanced fat reduction. 

How it works:

This process involves the precise delivery of electromagnetic energy to target areas, inducing muscle contractions at 100% capacity, sustained for up to six seconds. These intense muscle contractions, impossible to achieve voluntarily, compel the muscle tissue to adapt to such rigorous conditions. In response, the muscle undergoes a profound transformation in its internal structure, leading to muscle growth and the sculpting of your physique.

In contrast, the average person can typically engage their muscles to only about 30-35% capacity for a brief moment. 

The longevity of your results with EMS is contingent on your commitment to maintaining them. Just as muscles atrophy if you stop going to the gym, muscle gains achieved through EMS can diminish over time. On average, you can anticipate retaining your results for six months to a year, provided you adopt a healthy lifestyle comprising proper diet and exercise. We also offer special maintenance pricing after completing a specified number of treatment packages, allowing you to sustain your results at a more affordable cost. 
No, EMS is a painless procedure. Patients typically report feeling a gentle “pulling” sensation during treatment. The intensity of the treatment can be adjusted to ensure the comfort of each patient.
EMS is a non-invasive procedure that requires no recovery time. It is an attractive option for many patients because it necessitates no preparation or post-care regimen. Some individuals may experience mild soreness, but it is not as intense as the soreness typically associated with traditional workouts.
EMS is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, as well as individuals with metal implants in the treatment area. Please consult your doctor if you have any high risk health conditions
The number of sessions required varies based on factors such as your diet, fitness level, goals, timeline, and starting point. This can be discussed and determined during your complimentary consultation at your first session.
Upper abdomen, lower abdomen, glutes, calves, thighs, lower back, shoulders 


Gregory Lee @gregorylee

I am a frequent visitor to Rated R for Rosina's EMS treatments. First and foremost, the quality of the service there is great. Rosina is highly skilled and knowledgeable, and she takes the time to understand our needs and preferences before starting any treatments. I feel completely at ease throughout all my visits, and the results are always amazing. I highly recommend her studio to anyone looking for top-notch service, flexibility, and value.

Kayekaye @kayerrueche

I've gotten my lashes done and body contouring/sculpting both by Rosina and there truly is no better work out there! She treats every client individually and if something is not working, she's determined to find the root of the cause. My skin can get quite oily and I sweat A LOT from my workouts so she worked with me and gave recommendations to help w retention which shows she definitely cares about the quality of her work. With body contouring, my boyfriend even noticed and said my midsection looked more "compact" lol. 10/10 recommend Ro to anybody! You'll walk out feeling like a million bucks for sure.

Lynna Pham @lynnap

I was recommended to Rosina by my lash artist in Texas because I had recently moved out here. Rosina is kind, professional, and extremely detail-oriented. She truly listens to you and strives to accomplish exactly what you want. I always leave feeling comfortable and cared for, she's the best!

Trini @lashedbytrini_

I had about 7 body sculpting sessions with Rosina and had an amazing experience! She is extremely knowledgeable in her work and you can tell she is truly passionate about what she does. Each session is about an hour long, and you do need to maintain these sessions and come back every week (along with healthy dieting and working out). We did a consultation on what I was looking for and she was able to educate me on what package will better suit my goals. Everyone is different and she is transparent on how realistic your results will be. I saw results roughly after 3 sessions! I wish I kept up with my appts. to maintain the results but when I have the opportunity again, Rosina is my go to. She is professional, accommodating, and makes you feel comfortable! 10/10 would book with her again.

Tami Atamy @tami_atamy

I started seeing Rosina for my lashes a few years ago. Her talent is hard to miss and I wouldn't want anyone else touching my lashes. She goes above and beyond to make sure you're comfortable and taken care of. She'll anticipate your needs without you mentioning anything and I feel like this is a dealbreaker when it comes to service. She LISTENS to what you want and brings it to life. I've also got EMS done with Rosina and it worked wonders for my core. She was very knowledgeable about it and walked me through the whole process. I was nervous because of the pain, but honestly it wasn't bad at all. And the levels are adjustable.

Izabelle Nguyen @izzay_belle

I found Rosina through Instagram. I tried her radio frequency facial because I won a session from a giveaway. Little did I know this would completely get me hooked! I bought 6 sessions on the spot after my first session! I knew my wedding was coming up in 2 months & I really wanted to tackle my fat cheeks. Rosina was able to slim down my cheeks for my wedding. I was so happy with the results! My face definitely looks slimmer in person and also in my wedding pictures! Definitely will be returning again in the future! Rosina is so sweet and I really just miss seeing her every week! Love you Rosina! So glad I found you!

Shanney Thich @shanneythich

I've been going to Rosina for my lash extensions for awhile now and I absolutely love my lashes! I get Mega Volume Kitten Eye and love how dark and full my lashes are. The retention is great and her technique is on point. I'm also a lash artist, so I'm picky with who I go to and I definitely trust Rosina! Rosina is very professional and very organized. When I come in for my lashes her studio is very clean and beautiful. She always makes sure l'm comfortable and gives me a weighted blanket, so that l'm warm and can fall asleep during my appointment. After my appointment she always offers me coffee from her coffee station (: she has offered me other drinks like coconut water and sparkling water which makes the experience that much better. On top of that, Rosina is very easy to talk to and makes good conversation. I definitely recommend her! I've been going to Rosina for EMS as well and I definitely could see and feel a difference in my abs. I'm on a weight loss journey and with a healthy diet and exercise, my sessions with have helped me lose inches a lot faster. I definitely recommend booking a package because to see results coming in once a week is recommended!

Sienna @eatwithsie

Loved my experience here!! Rosina is very kind and accommodating. She was very thorough with explaining how body sculpting works and also addressing any questions comments or concerns I had. She was super easy to talk to and I am so happy with my results after my first session. After only one session i lost an inch of my waist. I can't wait until I go back to do more sessions of body sculpting.

Jessie Peng @jessiepengg

The best eyelash extensions in the whole Bay! I have been getting my lashes done for a long time and Rosina is by far the most professional, educated, talented technician I have come across. I've been seeing her consistently for the past 2 years and won't ever go anywhere else. She really listens to what you want and knows how to style lashes that flatter your eye shape. Plus her studio is so cute and always clean!

Kim Dado @akd_xvi95

The result I got after doing 7 sessions of EMS was incredible! Rosina was thorough in explaining what EMS was and eased my nerves during our first session. The sessions were not painful or invasive. She took before and after photos so we could compare the difference and I was impressed. There was definitely more definition in my abs and I lost inches! Anyone considering going here should take advantage of Rated R's package deals, they are the most cost effective in the Bay Area. So happy to see her business blossoming!

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